đź‘‹ Samantha Hamilton

Aethos, a Toronto-based gym, developed an app in response to the pandemic to support their personal trainers and clients. The app enabled trainers to create and manage custom workout programs easily, adapting to the new virtual fitness landscape.



  • Product Lead
  • Client Lead

Aethos needed an app to help personal trainers maintain engagement with clients during the pandemic. The challenge was to design and develop a user-friendly app that allowed trainers to create and manage personalized workout programs seamlessly.

Research & Strategy:

Conducted thorough market research and user analysis to understand the needs of trainers and clients. Developed a strategic plan to create an app that facilitated seamless interaction and personalized fitness experiences.

App Design & Development:

• UX/UI Design: Designed an intuitive and visually appealing interface that made it easy for trainers to create and manage workout programs.

• App Development: Utilized modern development tools to build a responsive and interactive app, ensuring a smooth user experience on various devices.

Product Management:

• Feature Prioritization: Focused on essential features such as workout creation, client management, and progress tracking to ensure the app met the core needs of users.

• Feedback Integration: Regularly gathered feedback from trainers and clients to iterate and improve the app’s functionality.


• High Adoption Rate: Rapid adoption by trainers and clients, maintaining engagement during the pandemic.

• Positive Feedback: Received positive reviews for ease of use and functionality, enhancing the training experience.

• Increased Client Retention: Helped Aethos retain clients by providing continuous support and personalized workout programs.

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