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Atlas XHM, a global leader in human capital management solutions, needed a website that catered to a diverse international audience. The project required rapid development under a tight timeline and limited budget, with an ever-increasing scope.


Atlas XHM

  • Product Lead
  • Stakeholder Management
  • UX/UI Lead

Atlas XHM needed a multilingual website that could serve their global customer base. The project had to be completed within a short timeline and limited budget, while managing an expanding scope of requirements and a large team of stakeholders.

Research & Strategy:

Conducted in-depth research to understand the needs of Atlas XHM’s international audience. Developed a strategic plan to ensure the website met these needs within the given constraints.

Website Design & Development:

UX/UI Design: Designed an intuitive and visually appealing website that reflects Atlas XHM’s brand identity and supports multiple languages.

Web Development: Utilized Webflow to build a responsive and interactive website. Implemented multilingual support to cater to diverse audiences.

Efficient Resource Management: Prioritized essential features and functionalities to stay within budget while meeting the increasing scope.

Project Management:

Agile Methodology: Adopted an agile approach to accommodate the expanding scope and ensure timely delivery.

Collaboration: Maintained open communication with the client to align on priorities and manage expectations.


Timely Delivery: Successfully delivered the website within the tight timeline.

Cost Efficiency: Managed to stay within budget despite the increasing scope.

Global Reach: Enhanced the client’s ability to serve a global audience with a multilingual website.

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