đź‘‹ Samantha Hamilton

Mother Labs, a cannabis genetics company, needed a comprehensive digital platform to manage their extensive genetic database and present their brand online. The project included developing a website, creating an extensive backend database using a custom CMS, and integrating cohesive AI-generated imagery.


Mother Labs

  • Product Lead
  • Creative Director
  • AI Content Strategist
  • Lead Developer

Mother Labs required a robust digital solution to manage and showcase their extensive genetic database. The challenge was to create a user-friendly website that seamlessly integrates with a custom CMS, supported by AI-generated imagery to enhance the visual appeal.

Research & Strategy:

Conducted detailed market research and user analysis to understand the specific needs of Mother Labs’ target audience. Developed a strategic plan to create a digital platform that combines functionality with visual appeal.

Website Design & Development:

• UX/UI Design: Designed an intuitive and visually appealing website that aligns with Mother Labs’ brand identity.

• Web Development: Utilized Webflow to build a responsive and interactive website, ensuring optimal performance across devices.

Custom CMS Development:

• Backend Database: Developed a custom CMS to manage the extensive genetic database efficiently.

• Integration: Ensured seamless integration between the CMS and the website for easy updates and management.


AI-Generated Imagery:

• Visual Enhancement: Created cohesive AI-generated imagery to enhance the website’s visual appeal and provide a unique user experience.



• Efficient Database Management: The custom CMS allowed for efficient management of the extensive genetic database.

• Enhanced Visual Appeal: AI-generated imagery significantly improved the visual appeal of the website.

• Positive Feedback: Received positive feedback from users for the design, functionality, and ease of use of the website.

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