đź‘‹ Samantha Hamilton

Othership, a wellness and community-focused brand, required a comprehensive digital presence that embodied their mission. The project involved designing and developing their website, serving as the creative director for their app, and acting as the product lead and tech strategist.



  • Creative Director
  • Lead Web Designer & Developer
  • Product Lead

Othership needed a digital strategy to seamlessly integrate their website and mobile app, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience. The goal was to create a visually appealing website, direct the creative aspects of their app, and establish a robust product strategy to support long-term goals.

Research & Strategy:

Conducted extensive market research and user analysis to understand the needs and preferences of Othership’s target audience. Developed a strategic plan to deliver an engaging and cohesive user experience while utlizing their unique and thoughtful brand in a way that properly represented their creativity.

Website Design & Development:

• UX/UI Design: Designed a user-friendly and visually appealing website that reflects Othership’s brand identity.

• Web Development: Utilized Webflow to build a responsive and interactive website, ensuring optimal performance across devices.

App Creative Direction:

• Creative Leadership: Directed the creative vision for the Othership app, focusing on intuitive design and seamless user interactions.

• Collaboration: Worked closely with the app development team to integrate creative concepts and ensure consistency with the website.


Product Leadership & Tech Strategy:

• Product Management: Led the product development process, from ideation to execution, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

• Tech Strategy: Developed a technology roadmap to support Othership’s growth, incorporating the latest trends and best practices in digital wellness solutions.


• Apple App Store App of the Day: Achieved significant recognition with a feature as App of the Day.

• Product Hunt App of the Week: Garnered attention and accolades, being named App of the Week.

• Product Hunt App of the Day: Further honored with the App of the Day award, boosting visibility and user engagement.

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