đź‘‹ Samantha Hamilton

We met the RTFKT team in mid-2020, just before the peak of COVID and NFT mania. The RTFKT team was ahead of the curve, recognizing the future potential of NFTs in digital collectibles.



  • Product Manager

Through our Discovery Process, we explored video game mechanics, AR-enhanced hype, and the future of digital fashion. Guided by the visionary RTFKT team, we helped create a glimpse into the future of Hypebeast culture, combining elements of gaming, NFTs, and collectibles. Our collaboration in 2020 and 2021 defined trends, though the project, centered around collecting digital sneakers with AR features, was never released due to RTFKT's acquisition by Nike.


• Game Mechanics: Designed a Pokémon GO-inspired game with NFT collectible sneakers.

• User Experience: Developed frictionless purchasing, minting, and trading workflows.

• Community Engagement: Incentivized gamer tag logins for Xbox and PlayStation users.

• AR Integration: Enabled virtual try-on and AR unboxing/minting experiences.


RTFKT has become a Web3 icon since our collaboration. The NFT sneakers created for this game earned millions and paved the way for the CloneX project, leading to RTFKT’s acquisition by Nike. This project solidified RTFKT’s status as a GOAT in the NFT hall of fame.

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