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Wolf Games is an AI-driven platform that allows game makers to generate interactive murder mystery cases within 24 hours, combining advanced AI technology with a user-friendly interface to create a realistic, immersive experience.


Wolf Games

  • Technical Lead
  • Product Manager

The primary challenge was to create an AI-based game that catered to writers first, amidst an ongoing writers’ strike. The goal was to develop a backend system capable of integrating multiple AI technologies, including ChatGPT for pre-prompting, Character AI for generating characters and voices, and Midjourney for images. Additionally, it was crucial to ensure that the game maintained narrative consistency and could handle the complexity of generating and managing multiple interconnected channels within the same case.

Actions Taken

• Backend Development: Prioritized building the backend first, incorporating a combination of prompts fed into ChatGPT and a custom pre-prompting engine to ensure high-quality outputs. We utilized Google AI initially but kept the system flexible to integrate updates from other AI platforms.

• AI Integration: Developed a non-siloed custom AI system capable of generating characters and voices using Character AI, and images using Midjourney.

• Front-End Design: Implemented Tailwind UI for the user interface, ensuring a sleek and responsive design. Focused on making the AI-generated content easy to interact with and edit.

• User Experience: Ensured the platform was user-friendly by providing multiple channels for communication and interaction within the game. Integrated dark UX patterns to enhance user retention.

• Content Generation: Enabled writers to generate content quickly by providing them with pre-generated prompts, reducing their workload and speeding up the case creation process.

• Validation and Testing: Developed an enterprise version of all tools to ensure overall validation and reliability. Conducted extensive testing to ensure all components worked seamlessly together.



• Successfully launched the platform, allowing game makers to generate and publish interactive murder mystery cases within 24 hours.

• Achieved high user engagement with daily new cases and next-day results, driven by the realistic and immersive game experience.

• Positive feedback from writers who appreciated not having to start with a blank slate and maintaining narrative consistency.

• Increased user retention through strategic use of dark UX patterns and engaging content.

Key Learnings

• The importance of flexible AI integration to adapt to the latest advancements and ensure the highest quality output.

• The value of a user-centered design approach in creating engaging and intuitive platforms.

• Effective project management and clear communication are crucial in coordinating complex, multi-disciplinary projects.


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